The Sacredness Of Good Image…

Editorial / August 23, 2010

Ky postim ekziston gjithashtu në Vesionin Shqip

Journalism came to me many years ago to become an important part of my life. I have always wanted to give the best of me to it; I have done my best that everything that kept my signature at the end was a good article, meaning readable, credible and correct. Of course, I am not the person who knows the journalism rules better than anybody else and I don’t intend to brag myself about that. But, at least, I have learned one thing over all these years: To write some real news. To contact more than one source and in particular, always to contact the accused or affected person / subject.
I mentioned all these elements because not later than one month ago, I saw all papers publishing a piece of discriminating news against Albanian Airlines which, for the sake of the truth, is the oldest airline in the market and probably the company where my friends have booked more tickets than else in all those years. Over this period of time, I have learned something: who knows this company never abandons it because peo- ple like to be traditional and establish relations with people, objects or situations. That’s how it happened when I booked a ticket for a friend of mine. When I mentioned his name, one of the employees in the sales department confirmed that he was a regular passenger of “Albanian” (that’s how people are used to call the company.) There are exactly such reasons which surprised me with the irresponsibility of the papers which publish such news. It is very easy to throw mud over the work of a company, individual or whatever but it is difficult to embellish or establish a good image. In order to create a good image, hundreds of people work for this company even during the holidays or at the late hours of the night. They do not work for the owner of this company, I assure you of that. They work for themselves, to honor their image, their salaries and consequently the company itself. This company belongs to Evsen Group for one year now. It has been a challenge for this group, a strong nerve game, a market study, pulse measurement, victories and new ideas. After one year, everybody in this company feels confident. There is work to be done; there is calmness and smiles all over the offices. There are people who hurry to catch up with new rhythms. It must be highlighted that when an article is written, phones should ring, persons should be contacted and a common language should be found in order to reveal all the truths. The first time I set my foot in this environment, I was surprised. Many languages are spoken at “Albanian”. I like to call it a sort of small UNO. The company staff has brought together their successful experiences to achieve the best. Surely at the end of this editorial, the reader can raise his head and look out from the airplane’s window to think once again calmly that a good image is something sacred and no charlatan, no matter how irresponsible he can be, can ruin it at one keyboard click…

Ky postim ekziston gjithashtu në Vesionin Shqip

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Irena Shabani
Is an Albanian freelance journalist and human rights activist specialising in investigative journalism. She co-founded Panorama, the leading newspaper in Albania, where she served as managing editor from 2002 to 2003. Prior to Panorama she was a journalist at Shekulli and Gazeta Shqiptare and has been part of the Albanian Human Rights Group from its beginning. She has collaborated on programmes for the International Research and Exchanges Board, investigating topics involving crime and political corruption and continues to collaborates with foreign organisations and local media focused on social problems and minority rights.

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