Being A Positive Role-Model Is A Challenge

Men On Women / February 20, 2015

Ky postim ekziston gjithashtu në Vesionin Shqip

“Empowering Women in Politics” is a publication certainly worth reading. To me it is difficult to compress in a few paragraphs everything it takes to frankly and openly address this matter. The Albanian society hasn’t yet found the right equilibrium in matters of gender equality. Women who can serve as positive models, women who are successful in politics and in social life often have hard choices to make. Our politics are loaded with conflict; more often than not it’s a system in which meritocracy loses ground all the time. In this situation, it’s really hard for anyone who is different, regardless of gender, to decide whether to enter politics or not.
At any rate, dear ladies, you have to enter politics. Politics is full of challenges and difficulties, but that’s life. In all walks of life one can choose to do his or her best, to be honest, to work to the benefit of one’s country, so as to be able to say proudly “I was there”, that is, I wasn’t hiding anywhere, I was not addressing the problems of my country just from a coffee-shop or from a beauty parlour. If you’ve been there, that means you did not run away from trouble, from the unknown, that means you did not think just about your family. On the contrary, being in politics means that you have offered your talent, sincerity, dedication, understanding, perseverance, your voice to speak out the truth.
Being in politics for a woman certainly means to challenge men, but also to cooperate with them. Being in politics for every honest human being means to do your best to hand over to our children a country that is in many ways better than the country our parents handed over to us.
Thinking about gender equality, I am firmly convinced that the best is yet to come. The world has known many women who have served as sources of inspiration for many generations. Women in politics excel through their dedication, through their love for their country, through their political talent. I believe that inside every woman there is sufficient capacity, courage and strength to be an honest, successful and good politician. Now it’s our turn to get to know better these nine honoured women in politics, which certainly deserve our attention and congratulations for being part of this publication. Don’t forget, maybe one day it can, and it will be, your turn.

Empowering Women in Politics

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Gazmend Oketa
Gazmend Oketa
Gazmend Oketa is a former Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister of Albania. Oketa is one of the founders of the New Democratic Spirit party (in Albanian: Fryma e Re Demokratike) and has been its first leader.

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