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Men On Women / February 20, 2015

Ky postim ekziston gjithashtu në Vesionin Shqip

Women are in no way simply half of the population. They play key roles in shaping our lives. The traditional society sees them as mothers, wives, and schoolteachers. At any rate, their participation and their contribution is becoming more and more known, recognized and formalized in all domains. The more women are visible in the so-called non-traditional gender roles, the more impact they have, the more creativity, added value, problem-solving skills and energy is transmitted to the society as a whole.
I have always held many women in high esteem, even more so those women who brought something new in those fields that have yielded an influence upon me.
Education is one of those fields. A girl from Pakistan, called Malala Yousafzai, has deeply impressed me through her courage and perseverance to educate young girls in her country. Regardless of the obstacles, even of the threats to her own life, she followed her dream. We need voices like hers here in Albania, so as to be able to pursue the real social transformation, which we still miss. Malala’s history carries a precious message for me: we can be the change, regardless of our sex, age, race or religious affiliation. I really feel inspired by this girl.

Empowering Women in Politics

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Arben Malaj
Arben Malaj
Arben Malaj has been Minister of Finance and Economy in the Republic of Albania different times from 1997 until 2005. He is known for transforming the Albanian economy into a European profile, after the hard social-economic crisis that this country passed during the year 1997. Member of Parliament from 1997 to 2013.

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