Editorial / February 17, 2011

Ky postim ekziston gjithashtu në Vesionin Shqip

As a matter of fact, March is a beautiful month. Spring knocks on the door. Air is different, full of flowers scent and smog is not as heavy as in the winter. March is also a month of celebrations. This is so only for the Albanians. It has remained as such since our mothers lived in another time and at least in principle, there was no cause to protest or fight for rights, differently from the women’s protests for their own rights all over the world since March 8, 1857. It all started by some women who worked in plight in a textile mill in New York. In 1908, some 15,000 women marched for their own rights across New York. Since then, this day was turned into the international day of women. It should be said that we, Albanians, have celebrated 8th of March as the feast of mother and no political party, no power has ever opposed that. After all, we never had a day dedicated to our mothers. May be the trade unions should set another day to the women’s protests while this feast is better to remain as a day of hugs. We forget how short life is to love a bit more. To us, the mother is the early bird which we found in the kitchen preparing the break- fast or the one who wakes us up when un- consciously we lose time. Everything starts from the mother, the way how she raises and feeds us with her love and her principles. And if there is some problem with a society, it means that the women of that society are not strong enough. Women are not yet themselves in such a society which attempts to become modern but based on a conservatory essence. Perish the thought when the society decides to denigrate the woman, she never raises her head again. Unfortunately we are a people who do not forgive. On purpose, we chose woman as the main character of this issue. We picked some of them who have not passed without being noticed and some others who are in the beginning of their career and they still have managed to show up in the stage of life with their own identity. This is what the Albanians should still fight for: the Identity. The origin of the world is the mother. A good society is made of capable women as “a hand that shakes a cradle can rule the whole world.” I would like to remind to all of you and especially to those who run after life to stop a moment and give a hug. We consider our mothers as eternal and we give time to ourselves for other moments to dedicate to them. But time slips out of our hand. That’s why we hope this nice season is full of human love, the one which can not be exchanged and found nowhere but within the family.

Ky postim ekziston gjithashtu në Vesionin Shqip

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Irena Shabani
Is an Albanian freelance journalist and human rights activist specialising in investigative journalism. She co-founded Panorama, the leading newspaper in Albania, where she served as managing editor from 2002 to 2003. Prior to Panorama she was a journalist at Shekulli and Gazeta Shqiptare and has been part of the Albanian Human Rights Group from its beginning. She has collaborated on programmes for the International Research and Exchanges Board, investigating topics involving crime and political corruption and continues to collaborates with foreign organisations and local media focused on social problems and minority rights.

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