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Men On Women / February 20, 2015

Ky postim ekziston gjithashtu në Vesionin Shqip

The active participation of women in a country’s public life is a right and a necessity. It is a right, because it’s written in the country’s constitution. It is a necessity, because discouraging or ignoring half of the country’s human, mental and emotional potential is translated into an unpardonable economic inefficiency.
Albania needs its full potential, exactly because the need to boost economic development is now more of a necessity than ever. At a more personal level, my work experience in Albania has taught me that women in general make better team members. Maybe it’s just a natural instinct; or maybe it’s a social gift.
It’s possible that the traditionalist aspect of our society has forced women to engage in a more active way of interaction, to adopt a more effective culture of communication, which translates into what it takes to work effectively in a group. Still, regardless of the individual achievements of a few remarkable women in the public and private sector, the gender gap has been increasing over the last years. It is even more visible if we compare the rural with the urban areas. This gender gap makes Albania a country which has a lot of work to do in order to achieve a respectable level of gender equality.

Empowering Women in Politics

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Gjergj Bojaxhi
Gjergj Bojaxhi
Gjergj Bojaxhi është një ekonomist, politikan shqiptar, menaxher privat dhe alpinist. Në të shkuarën ka mbajtur pozicione si Zëvendës Minister i Ekonomisë, Tregtisë dhe Energjitikës (2005-2007), Drejtor i KESH-it (2007-2009) e gjithashtu anëtar i Këshillit Bashkiak të Tiranës (2007-2011). Në mars 2015 Bojaxhi zyrtarizoi kandidaturën e vet si kandidat i pavarur për bashkinë e Tiranës.

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